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MDP BLACK Clutch Pedal Stopper

MDP BLACK Clutch Pedal Stopper

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Prevent damage to your clutch diaphragm with MDP Clutch Pedal Stopper

The clutch pedal stopper is a must-have for any owner looking to enhance their driving experience. Designed with MDP technology, this stopper ensures a smooth and comfortable ride every time. With its easy installation process & durable construction, you can rest assured that your clutch pedal will function at its best for years to come. 

Paying attention to where the engagement point is, you will notice that there is at least an 1/2” of slack beyond engagement point. The idea is to set the bottom of the clutch pedal stopper just below the engagement point to allow the driver to make quicker, smoother shifts and not over travel the pressure plate causing damage to diaphragm and your throw out bearing.

This stopper will provide the stability you need for smooth shifts. 

Upgrade your driving experience with the MDP Clutch Pedal Stopper today!

US Patent D989,676 

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