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MDP Clutch Pedal Assembly Support Brace

MDP Clutch Pedal Assembly Support Brace

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The MDP Clutch Pedal Support Brace is a game changer for anyone seeking a more durable & reliable clutch support. It’s easy to install & fits seamlessly with your existing clutch system. Say goodbye to unwanted flex & wobbling during high-performance driving- with the MDP Clutch Pedal Assembly Support Brace, you can drive with confidence knowing your clutch is secured. Simply install and no need to weld if it’s already broken/bent. 

Crafted from high-quality 6061 T6 billet aluminum, this brace is built to last & withstand high levels of stress.

We all know pedals are very weak after installing an after market clutch, as well as these 8th Gen pedals being weak & shifting to the right causing damage to your firewall.This support brace will not only enhance performance, but also protect against premature wear on other components of your vehicle's drivetrain. Upgrade today & take control of every shift!

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