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Don't settle for stock or poorly made replicas. Treat your vehicle to only top-of-the-line products. Your car, your pride -make it extraordinary.

Prioritizing craftsmanship & excellence in EVERY aspect.

Spice up your racing style - Embrace the thrill of the track with flair & finesse, where HP merges with elegance. Pushing 800+HP

MDP Brake & Fuel Line Bracket

We designed our Brake & Fuel Line Bracket to get rid of that old deteriorated bracket/retainer we dread to replace. Finally, no need for zip ties.

Designed to hold-10an, -8an & -6an and Standard brake line 3/16.


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MDP Rack & Pinion Bracket

Designed to securely hold your rack & pinion in place. Crafted from high-quality billet aluminum, this bracket brings your engine bay to life. Trimmed to perfection, it ensures a perfect fit for a seamless installation. 

Also available in the BLACK edition.

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MDP Firewall Engine Harness Plate

The perfect addition to ANY engine bay- Our UNIVERSAL firewall engine harness plate.

Made from high-quality billet aluminum, it not only looks great, but also provides protection for your wiring harness.

Upgrade with MDP’s firewall engine harness plate today! 

Also available in the BLACK edition.

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Customizable work with TOPSHELF PERFORMANCE / MDP

Introducing our Topshelf Performance business- Where customization meets fabrication. 

Here at MDP, not only do we commit and pride ourselves to delivering you with the best top-quality products in the market, we also work hand in hand with customers to customize their welding/fabrication needs! 

From transmission work to quality car upgrades, we provide it all!

Trust us for all of your customization and fabrication needs! Give us a call at Topshelf Performance (727)377-9001

  • MDP Clutch Pedal Brace

    "Fits like a charm...amazing my brother. My clutch feels solid...Plus a clicking noise that was driving me nuts disappeared🤯"


  • MDP Rotrex 8th/9th Gen Bracket

    "Best investment for belt slip & I saw a huge improvement when installed. Highly recommend💯."

    -Steve Navar

  • Rotrex 8th/9th Gen

    "My car was not boosting properly until recently after doing the MDP bracket. The MDP bracket has been a life saver, I re-established the boost and I am now boosting more than when I first got the kit installed."

    - Joseph Marria

  • Rotrex 8th/9th Gen

    "MDP bracket works wonders. Running a 68.5in belt. Zero slip finally."

    - Jay Wiggins

  • MDP Rotrex Bracket- Lower Mount

    "0 belt slip on low boost. I'm gonna guess there's gonna be 0 belt slip at high boost...AAA+ bracket and customer service!!!"

  • MDP

    "Very impressed with MDP. They are some of the best in the business & i highly recommend. "

    -Shawn Cee

  • Topshelf Performance

    "Great shop for anything you need, especially metal fabrication. 100% recommend."

    -Joseph Henriquez

  • Topshelf Performance

    "An amazing group of individuals who truly have a passion for automotives. The attention to detail that these gentleman have is second to none! DON'T HESITATE TO DO BUSINESS WITH THEM, YOU WON'T REGRET IT!"

    -Isaiah Hernadez

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A little about us & our products.

At MDP, we pride ourselves on being innovators, not imitators. Prior to our efforts, the parts we meticulously designed & created were nonexistent in the market. However, our commitment to excellence has sparked a wave of imitation, with others now selling products they acquired by buying and essentially stealing from us. Our dedication to quality is unmistakable, and our products speak for themselves. We prioritize quality over quantity, and we are grateful for those discerning individuals who recognize and appreciate the superior craftsmanship and authenticity of our work, setting us apart from mere copycats in the industry.


MDP was created in 2020 out of a passion to bring forward the best one-of-a-kind products with a rigid standard of ULTIMATE QUALITY, CRAFTSMANSHIP AND CREATIVITY.We are a family owned & operated business that started with one person's love and passion for the car industry. Our mission is to bring you all the best high quality, made in the USA products with unique looks and well thought through designs. We pride ourselves in challenging convention through design, as well as high standards & high expectations. We strive to stand out through our creativity, innovation, and excellence. At MDP, we are committed to providing high-quality products and ensuring a seamless shopping experience for our valued customers. Your support allows us to continue delivering on that promise.Thank you for visiting our website and stay blessed.