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K-Series Shifter Cable Coach Plate

K-Series Shifter Cable Coach Plate

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Introducing the RSX Cable Coach Plate for K-swaps – a game-changer in smooth shifting. Say goodbye to rough shifter box experiences. MDP shifter coach plate is designed to improve gears while shifting for smoother transition. Having your cable with a hard bend will cause cables to bind causing a rough shifting experience. 

The BEST option if you’re trying to keep your heater core as well. Upgrade your driving precision with this meticulously crafted product designed to enhance your shifting performance. No more having a rough shifter box! 

Will work on AWD B & K series. Also 8th gen. 

Will work on all cable transmission/ cable set up & plate will work on any chassis. 
Also will work on 9th gen with RSX shifter. 
Will work with Hybrid Racing Cables. Hybrid Racing Cables are THICKER so please choose correctly. 

Made out of 6061 Billet aluminum

Made in the USA. 
Hardware Included. 
Installation Video:

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