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MDP Brake & Fuel Line Bracket

MDP Brake & Fuel Line Bracket

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The MDP Brake & Fuel Line Bracket - Available NOW.
 We designed our Brake & Fuel Line Bracket to get rid of that old deteriorated bracket/retainer we dread to replace. Finally, no need for zip ties. Our Brake & Fuel Line Bracket is designed to hold -10an, -8an & -6an and Standard brake line 3/16.
We left room incase you have to move things around.

Our bracket comes with Neoprene rubber sponge strip to protect the line from being damage & eventually chafing. 

You will receive 3 brackets C,D & E.

All Hardware is included. 
Made out of 60/61 billet aluminum
 so no need to worry about rust in the future. All of our product is designed and Made in USA.  

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